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An artist and writer of pretentious purple prose since her early childhood brought up in a Police State, Sfarda L. Gül’s (alias) creative focus hones in on the macabre and introspective, the grotesque and juxtaposing—a deconstruction of social ideology and human suffering influenced by her upbringing, queerness, historically persecuted mixed ethnicity, and dark-sided emotional disposition.
When not engaging in art, Sfarda is enthralled in ethnography, linguistics, and social activism aiding to uplift ethnic and queer minorities of her native Eastern Europe, SWANA, and Central Asia. She is the curator of independent publication Lacrimosity and Righteous Rage Press which hosts a Substack newsletter, and a YouTube video essayist at Anarchy on Page.Sfarda is the May 2024 debut author of NON SERVIAM, first of THE HYPOSTASIS OF DISSENT duology.EARTH HAGIOGRAPHY, a poetry collection exploring indigeneity and colonial pain, will be published in November of 2024.NON OMNIS MORIAR, the second and final installment in THE HYPOSTASIS OF DISSENT duology, is slated for an April 2025 publication.SPOILS OF FAMINE, a flashfiction retelling of a Pontian folk tale centering indigenous culture and community care, was published in the 2023 Issue 3 of The Globe Review.Sfarda’s art and poetry are featured in the March 2024 SPLIT POMEGRANATE Artsakh charity zine curated by Agavny Vardanyan.
Find Sfarda’s poetry and short fiction published in Musing Publications, From Heart to Stomach, Mollusk Literary, Metachrosis Literary, The Globe Review, Full House Literary, Qafiyah Review, HyeBred Magazine, As Alive Journal, and The Malu Zine among others.
Her art is displayed at the Gothe Residency of the Arts.Researcher at The Outland Magazine, a literary zine amplifying Asian voices.Critic of Orientalism in media.Reader of nonfiction and poetry.Mad—MED!ical scientist by day.Cinephile, may or may not be a Silent Hill wanderer.She/him.

Sfarda L. Gül, Σφαρδα Λ. Γουλ, Сфарда Л. Гюль

Sfarda L. Gül’s Literary Works

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A Substack publication [and publishing imprint] curated by Sfarda discussing society, culture, artistry, and media through the eyes of an antimilitarist SWANA-Baltoslav anarchist femme.

The YouTube channel of a perpetually disgruntled grimdark author where discussions about entertainment media happen.

Sfarda is a researcher and independent journalist at TOM, an online literary magazine centering Asian and SWANA voices. She specialises in indigenous and minority northern SWANA discourse.

I will read your book manuscript and give feedback regarding any anti-SWANA, anti-Asian, anti-Slav, Romaphobic, Antisemitic, imperialist, colonialist, and otherwise Orientalist representation I may encounter, and help you rectify it.Includes thorough commentary on your manuscript, and a mid-length written summary at the end (subject to how much I have to say).

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Find Sfarda and her art on Instagram (at) sfar.da.scribe.
Commission information here.
Art displayed at Gothe Residency of the Arts.